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"As a competitive gymnast PainX really helps reduce pain and
swelling and no side effects like Advil." -

"Vitamin D3 5000 with K2 is a great, complete supplement. I love that it has both vitamin D and K. It is part of my daily routine now!" -Courtney

"I suffer from reflux and bloating after every meal and years of acid blocking medications. I have been so happy since beginning the Complete Digestion supplement. No more reflux and no more medication!" -Janet


"Since I am an athlete and on a statin drug, my cardiologist
recommended I take Coq10. I love Ubiquinol to help keep me going
at a high energy level." -

"I am very skeptical about supplements and their efficacy. But I have to say that Probiotic Complete has helped me and does what it claims to do. I have always suffered from an extraordinary amount of gas and in a few days I have noticed a difference and an improvement although I am eating the same foods. I feel better and have not experienced the discomfort that I've lived with for years. Dr. G. has put together a great product that really works!" -Anthony